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Founded in 2002 by Aaron Ling and Steve Leong, Incendo Ventures Sdn Bhd (Formerly known as Elastique Technologies Sdn. Bhd) was formed as a software engineering company to develop and sell software systems to improve the operations of small and medium size businesses. We developed software that are simple, affordable and expandable to target a SME businesses that are growing and have great necessity for IT systems to help make the company more competitive. Hence we developed our first product known as Workshop Pro for the automobile service and repair industry. From then on, Incendo has developed and marketed a complete suite of software solutions for the automobile industry as well as accounting and inventory software solutions for a wide range of businesses.

Today Incendo Ventures breathe new life into entrepreneurs with promising technology creations as well other innovative products. With strategic intent leading the charge we understand that success ultimately lies in the details and the implementation. We drive strategy and implementation, and take a very pragmatic approach to building new businesses and products. We work hard to identify and extrapolate early success, building businesses from the bottom up.
Aaron Ling T.C

Aaron is a permanent resident of Australia but currently lives and works in Malaysia. He is involved in the development of the company’s corporate strategies as well as the management of the company’s business operations. Aaron also performs strategic and hands-on management roles to assist entrepreneurs to develop new technological and other non-technology related products. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of Western Australia as well as a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from The University of Strathclyde, U.K. With over 8 years of strategic planning, technical consultation, business development, branding and marketing experience in the information technology industry, Aaron brings a unique no-nonsense perspective to the management and creation of new ventures, business units, and business strategies.

Steve Leong

Bringing on board over a decade of experience in accounting solutions, database management solutions and technical development, Steve is in charge of all R&D, product development, and consulting activities of the company. He has a Bachelor of Business Degree from Southbank University, U.K. Steve’s hands on management and leadership abilities has brought about growth of the clientele base of Incendo to hundreds of clients including large multinational companies spanning all over Malaysia and Singapore since the inception of the company in 2002.

Incendo’s strengths lies in the people behind the company. Each member of Incendo brings with them expertise to help strengthen a clients initiative. We are able to achieve this by having individuals that are specialist in each step of our methodology.

Our understanding of business environment and information technology in the corporate environment helps companies to move forward in this technology age.

We understand that the greatest hurdles in adopting IT solutions are a lack of understanding towards the benefits of business technology and the presumed high cost that accompanies it.

During consultations we explain, the potential of using technology by revealing the business areas that would benefit most from these IT initiatives. By overcoming the barriers in adopting IT, key issues can be tackled. This is done through a cyclical process of initiation, assessment, implementation, review and enhancements with our consultants.
We work with early stage entrepreneurs and take considerable personal risk as we don't rely on a cushy fund or heavy diversification of deal flow. We also work with larger companies to help them innovate.

Growth in financial and personal success weighs equally in the pursuit and selection of our new ventures. We see many me-too propositions. We work on businesses and with people we believe in, and don't back off when it gets difficult. We share the passion and determination.

Incendo banks on building real businesses, without regard to the state of the industry. We don't care about the latest buzz-words or popular opinion. We simply rely on the consistent behavior of customers to drive business and create attractive financial value and exits.