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Founded in 2002, Incendo Ventures is a fast-growing and dynamic Information Technology venture company located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Incendo Ventures is dedicated to developing and marketing high-quality software solutions. Incendo Ventures also work with new entrepreneurs to develop and market their innovative creations.

The company’s main focus is currently on information technology solutions for the automobile industry providing superior industry specific software targeted for each of these sectors.

Incendo Ventures continually strives to provide our clients value solutions that improve the management and operation of their businesses.

Workshop Pro is the most widely used software for the management of automobile servicing centre in Malaysia.
Join us to become our business partner and value added resellers.

Why Choose Us?

Using the right technology

In term of technology perspective of WorkshopPro, we focus to achieve the following objectives. First, the system must be able to handle the current business activities and meet the future needs. As such, we have chosen the latest development tool to develop the solution. The system also interfaces with an SQL compliance database to meet demand of speed and capacity.

Building the right tool

We build specific tools and reports that tailor to the business environment. We conduct thorough research to study the specific requirement and needs for users across all business hierarchy and transform them into handy and user friendly tool. Our aim is to cut down the unnecessary steps to complete a task to improve efficiency and effectiveness of work.

Integrating the information

Accounting and finance module is always seen as the kernel of all modules. All transactions irregardless of department or divisional will flow to the accounting eventually. WorkshopPro automates all posting procedures to flow the invaluable information to the accounting department from respective divisions. WorkshopPro ascertain highly accuracy by implementing real time update of data editing.

Security and User Access

We understand the increasingly critical to establish a data secure information system. It is especially true as workshopPro is interfacing all divisions as one. Access/activities right can be set to determine the user authorisation. Besides, audit trail are available to track user activities. (adding, modifying and deleting transaction)