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Workshop Pro is the most widely used software for the management of automobile servicing centre in Malaysia. Workshop Pro software offers the fastest and most efficient way to manage your vehicle service centre.

Many 3S centers are using numerous software to mange their business. For instance, a workshop management system that manages the after sales activities, a vehicle sales software that manages the sales activities, another individual accounting solution for the purpose of account. As a result of a disintegrated system, additional manual update and data posting among different software need to be done manually. It results in redundancy of work and inconsistent of data. Furthermore, it also prone to human error during these process. Needless to say, delay in reports.

In fact, much of the information should be shared rather than separated. A simple example would be updating of customer profile. For instance, a vehicle sales representative will fail to know if a service advisor from the after sales department updated a customer telephone number. Thus, business will suffer a serious setback in customer relationship management should the sales representative fail to contact the customer.

As 3S center always refers to an automotive driven business that consist of 3 main business stream i.e.
- Sales of Vehicle
- After Sales - Servicing
- Sales of Spare Part

It's important to notice that these business division is some inter-related. Therefore, we should view these divisions as one business entity rather than 3. For example, customer that purchase vehicle (sales department) will eventually come back to service their vehicle (service department). Furthermore, the same customer may purchase additional complementary product like body kit for the same vehicle. In addition, these divisions are still serviced by the same supporting department(Account, HR and etc).

Integration for all divisions is inevitable and vital. WorkshopPro is designed base on this business objective. A single solution that helps business owner to automate vehicle sales process from prospecting to sales, handing vehicle service activities from appointment to invoicing, managing trading of spare part and finally, a fully integrated accounting and financial system that monitors dollar and cent of all business transactions.

Features (Click on the thumbnails for more details)

Vehicle & Customer Management

  • Keeps track of vehicle and customer information
  • Handling of multiple vehicles for the same customer with combined statement


Appointment Module

  • Schedule Appointments
  • View all appointments in one glance


Job Card Module

  • Generation of Quotation
  • Keeping track of parts issued to job order


Sales Invoice Module

  • Group invoices in different categories
  • Integrate with Accounting and Inventory Modules


Productivity Module

  • Drag and drop features to handle job assignment
  • Allow authorities to keep track on mechanic activities


SMS Reminder and Promotion Module

  • Update customers via SMS (Service due date , latest promotions)


Stock and Inventory Module

  • Categorise inventory
  • FIFO costing method
  • Manage your inventory by physical and book quantity


Account Module

  • Store up to 5 levels in its chart of account
  • General Ledger
  • Profit and loss


GST Module

  • Monthly GST by Tax Code
  • GST 03 Filling Report
  • GAF for Electronic Custom Audit


User Control & Security Features

  • Multiple access rights by user
  • Audit trail to control user activities


Multi-User Capabilities

  • Suppor multi-user environment
  • Server client base technology for speed maximization


Vehicle Sales Module

  • Vehicle inventory management
  • Vehicle Booking
  • Vehicle Allocation

Workshop Pro is able to generate hundreds of different reports for the use of management and decision makers in the company. These reports range from accounting related reports, to reports on customers, technicians and lots more. Below are some of the reports commonly used by our customers.

  • Full set of accounting reports
  • Monthly sales report
  • Technician performance report
  • Daily sales report
  • Purchase history
  • Vehicle service report
  • Stock balance and transaction report
  • Vehicle history report
  • Income tax report